Thursday, March 24, 2011

DIY: Subway Art

I'm so excited to share a really cool and (as always) inexpensive way to add some personalized art to your home! Have you seen all the really cool subway art that has been popping up on so many blogs out there? If you aren't familiar with subway art, it's a grouping of words with fun fonts artfully arranged on a canvas or wood. Here's an example of one such piece from Pottery Barn.

I'm in the middle of organizing and redecorating my work space and knew I wanted something "inspirational" on the wall. I found some free subway art printables on several blogs, but most were for holiday themes. I almost...ALMOST...bought a printable that was very nice and then I stumbled on a great blog The Mother Huddle who's authors show you how to make your own.

Now if you have good editing software, you can certainly use that to make your own. But the great thing about The Mother Huddle tutorial is that it shows you how to create this in the photo editing software Picnik, which I already have, and if you don't it's free! You can find The Mother Huddle's super easy subway art tutorial HERE.

I had so much fun making my subway art and I love the fact that I personalized it with words that were meaningful to me and my family. It's now framed and sitting above my desk as a reminder of some of our important family values.

Feel free to download my version below or check out the tutorial and make your own!
 Family Subway

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  1. Yay! It looks great! Thanks so much for the mention and sweet comments, it's been a rather long week so it made my night :).

    And those Mini Pops! My little one would flip over them.

    thanks again



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