Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY {Fabric Magnet Board}

One of these days I'm going to have a wonderful {Before & After} post to share of my home office/creative space. But since that seems to be taking forever to complete, I thought I'd share a simple fabric covered magnet board tutorial that is a small part of that makeover.

I had (ok I admit I'm still a little guilty) a very bad habit of taking "important papers" and stacking them in a pile on my desk. That is probably the worst way ever to organize anything and I was tired of missing paperwork and deadlines! I knew having things in my face was the only way I was going to keep track of everything. So a pretty magnet board seemed like the perfect solution and I love it!

You can make this super easy yourself with just a few supplies:
-A magnet board: I used one purchased for around $6
-fabric of your choice 
-coordinating ribbon
-hot glue

First I cut the fabric to cover the front of my board and a few inches around the back. You can see that I didn't spend much time cutting neatly. Make sure the magnetic part of your board is face down on your fabric like so...

Then I just went around hot gluing everything down. I did cut the corners at an angle so they would fold neatly...

I cut my ribbon long enough to cover the front of the board with a few inches to spare in the back and hot glued that down as well....

Of course I realized I wanted some cute magnets to go on my board. I happened to have just what I needed in my craft box, remnants of some project I can no longer recall...

I just hot glued those magnet backs onto those cute buttons and ta-da...adorable magnet buttons!

Now all my "don't forget" items are front and center! So I guess I will have to come up with another good excuse as to why I let that coupon expire, or didn't RSVP or well...you get the picture...

Happy Crafting!

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  1. what kind of fabric is best for this? thin cotton or some other synthetic? thanx :) cool idea!

    1. This was just regular cotton fabric. I think it would work would pretty much any fabric! Thank you!


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