Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Treats: disaster to {semi}triumph

My daughter's preschool class is having their Easter party tomorrow, complete with a visit from the Dancing Easter Bunny. read the right...he/she/it will be dancing...bunny hop I assume. So of course, I planned to make some cute treats for her to take to the party. I had stumbled across these very yummy sounding & cute looking Easter Egg Hunt Cookies.

I found the recipe over at In Katrina's Kitchen.  They are made by baking a Cadbury egg inside of cookie dough and topping it with frosting & candy to look like an Easter basket. Perfect fun for the kiddies...right?

I even made cute little baskets to put them inside by taking a pretty cupcake liner and hot gluing on a pipe cleaner handle. I bought little chocolate eggs to substitute for the jelly beans (not a jelly bean fan) and had my frosting ready to go. I was so excited to make these!

But in reading the recipe, I did not notice that she used a MINI muffin pan to bake these in. I didn't realize this until after my daughter and I mixed up the ingredients (she was so excited to make these too). I don't own a mini muffin pan, so to compensate I just placed more cookie dough into the pan to fill each cup. MISTAKE!

I had no idea how to tell when they were done and after 18 minutes the centers had completely collapsed and the tops were getting very brown. I pulled them out and they were just a mess...overcooked on the top and raw in the middle...straight into the trash. OK not straight into the trash. The girls and I did pull the cooked tops off of them and ate a few (we aren't that picky). But to serve these to OTHER PEOPLE??? No way!

There was no time to go to the store since dinner time was looming and the patience level of my two year old was fading. I couldn't head out to the store after the girls went to bed and there would be no time in the morning! What to do???

I was determined to use those little baskets I had already made. And during yesterday's grocery trip, I happened to have bought a box of these...

I mean...they're bunnies...completely appropriate for Easter. And while the kids probably won't be as excited to eat these as they would have been about the cookie least I'll sleep better knowing the other parents don't hate me for overloading their kids on sugary treats!

Desperation...the mother of invention!

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