Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Princess Shower Cake

I was so excited to make my first baby shower cake! My husband organized a shower for a coworker and I offered to make a cake. This shower was a little different because it was for the daddy-t0-be. But it so happens that he is expecting a baby girl, so there was no way this cake was going to be anything but girly!

Daddy-to-be chose strawberry for his cake flavor, so the pink cake just added to the girly-ness of it all!

Strawberry cake, vanilla buttercream, filled with buttercream & fresh strawberries, and marshmallow fondant decorations. He even opted to take the edible crown home to save (such a sweet daddy).

And if he's anything like my husband, that little baby already has daddy wrapped around her tiny finger!

Aren't all girls daddy's princesses after all?

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  1. this is gorgeous, i would love to make this or something similar for m daughter 1st birthday next month, can i have the recepie?


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