Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wonder Woman Cake

Being a child of the 70s, Wonder Woman was most definitely one of my childhood heroes. Between watching Lynda Carter  bring the goddess to life every week and watching the Super Friends every Saturday morning, I couldn't get enough of Wonder Woman! 

So when my Goddaughter chose Wonder Woman as her 5th birthday theme, I was thrilled. I wanted to make her a cake that pulled together the iconic elements of the character...the red, white & blue, the lasso of truth and of course, the tiara. She IS a princess after all!

The cake was delicious chocolate with cookies n' cream filling and yummy vanilla with strawberry cream filling. All decorations are handmade and completely edible (the birthday girl happily munched on the tiara).

Our little Wonder Woman was super thrilled with her cake! Now's she ready to go out and save the world!

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  1. Hey thanks man!! you are so good. I think this the perfect work.

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