Monday, February 6, 2012

{DIY} Tutu Party Backdrop

I had alot of fun planning my daughter's recent Piggy Ballerina Party! I loved being able to combine the silliness of  cute piggies with pretty ballerina inspired touches. One of my favorite party decorations that I created was the tulle backdrop for the sweets table!

I loved that background and wish I could have kept it up forever, it was so pretty! Today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to make one!

curtain rod 
(2) 3M adhesive wall hooks
tulle...lots of tulle (appx 4 yards)
(2) fabric flowers (optional)

I love 3M Adhesive Wall Hooks! I tend to change my mind ALOT about where I hang things and these removable hooks have saved my walls from many many holes! When I decided to use an inexpensive curtain rod to attach the tulle to, I knew the removable hooks would be the perfect solution to hang it up!

While it wasn't difficult to cut the tulle, it was a bit time consuming...but well worth the effort. I used 3 different colors of tulle and alternated strips on the curtain rod. I cut the tulle into strips approximately 3-4 inches wide. I didn't measure  and just eyeballed it. Then I tied each strip onto the curtain rod.

I just kept cutting and adding strips until I achieved the right amount of may like more or less. I used somewhere around 4 yards of tulle total. To make things easier, I only cut the tulle once (the width) and left the length just as it was. I figured I could always trim it shorter if needed, but I found the length to be just perfect!

I originally intended to cover the ends of the curtain rods with a fabric flower. However, in my party day rush I completely forget. Luckily they weren't very visible, particularly with my pretty poms from Pom Flair covering a little of it up. But you can certainly add a flower for extra color and to finish it a little more.

There you have a very simple to make tulle background that will be perfect for any girly themed party!


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