Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Brand New FABULOUS Look!!

Did you notice anything new around here??? Like maybe my fabulous new digs??? I'm so excited to reveal my blog makeover from Michele of Intrigue Design Studio!

I LOVE everything Michele did! She took my rambling email full of random likes and dislikes, sprinkled with a few unrelated links and turned that it into everything you see here! First my new logo...

It completely captures the colorful, fun & modern vibe I was going for. It looks awesome on my new business cards and pretty much everywhere!! Then of course there's the whole blog...I love the colors, the fonts, the sweet little hearts sprinkled around. And my social media buttons...aren't they the cutest???

If you are looking for a FAB graphic designer, contact Michele at Intrigue Design Studio and I promise you, she will Rock your world!!!

Thank you Michele, for being super cool to work with! I look forward to more projects with you!


  1. AHHHH!! I love it!!!
    The colors, the layout, the hearts!!!

  2. You're too much! Thanks for such sweet compliments. You're a blast to work with! Enjoy your renovation!

  3. Congrats to you and Michele, looks great! I like the blue background texture and the hearts flowing everywhere! Sweet like you :)

  4. The new blog is SO you! LoVe the heart-shaped kiss buttons for FB and Pinterest!

  5. Thank you everyone (and especially you Michele)!! I really LOVE everything!!!

  6. Love it! me next me next!!! Michelle is amazing. Your new look is sooo cute!

  7. This is beyond adorable! The kisses and hearts are too cute. Michele rocks!!!


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