Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Cake {Cake on Fire}

Are you a Hunger Games fan? The book was recommended to me and I DEVOURED the series...just loved it! I was actually sad when I finished the last book because I knew that was it! But then of course there was the movie. My friend Wendy of Wendy Updegraff Photography hosted a Hunger Games premiere party and everyone brought a dish inspired by the book. Of course you know I had to bring a cake!

I LOVED making this cake!!! I wanted the cake to be on FIRE because if you've read the books (or have seen the movie) you know fire is an important element! I wanted it to be engulfed in flames with the Mockingjay rising out of the top...the symbol of rebellion and freedom! (yeah...I totally dorked out on the books I know).

All the decorations (including the Mockinjay topper) were hand-cut from fondant. This was actually the 2nd topper I made, as the first one just snapped in half (oh SNAP) and I sprayed it with edible gold.

The party was AWESOME! Everyone brought great dishes and we played trivia before heading to the midnight showing. With a theater full of teenagers, I've never felt so O-L-D in my life LOL!!

You can read all about the party & see the great pics on Wendy's post at Wendy Updegraff Photography. All photos in this post were taken by Wendy...except for the close-up of the Mockingjay topper, which was taken by me.



  1. Your cake looks amazing! How did you get the mockingjay to stay up and not fold over?

    1. Thank you! The mockingjay is made out of fondant mixed with Tylose to make it harder. then I lay it flat to dry for a couple days. I attach a lollipop stick to the back with melted candy melts and that's it!


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