Monday, May 13, 2013

Star Trek Birthday Party {Live Long & Prosper}

I tend to make a big deal out of my children's birthdays, but when it comes to the adults in my family, we keep things pretty low key. The standard is a small family lunch and cake event. This year, my husband's birthday was going to be our typical gathering, but I decided to take it up a notch just a tad. The past year he's been working super hard on his career, while supporting me in my business ventures and being an amazing dad at the same time and wanted to make his birthday a little more special. So, I decided to surprise him by making his birthday celebration Star Trek themed!

He's a huge Star Trek fan and classic Star Trek is his fav! So for starters, I ordered him a Captain Kirk uniform to wear (his absolute favorite character). I also scored a Phaser from Craigslist. But I knew that I couldn't let him dress up alone (and what man doesn't love a woman in costume?) so I dressed up too! Luckily, we have friends and family who happen to own extra Phasers and Tricorders (yep it's that kind of family).

Our gathering was still kept to our immediate family, but that didn't stop me from putting together a Star Trek dessert table.

For his cake, I knew I had to make topper of the Vulcan salute. Then my brother (another die hard Trekkie)
gave me the idea to use the StarDate of my husband's actual birth date on the cake as well.

I used classic Star Trek expressions on the food tent labels. The labels were created by the very talented and super sweet Stacy of She's {Kinda} Crafty. I cried out for some last minute help and she totally came to my rescue whipping these up for me, despite the fact that she was knee deep working on her own party. She's awesome like that!

And of course for the grown ups I had to make a batch of Romulan Ale, which was pretty tasty! I used the recipe from Food Network here.

One thing Star Trek fans love to do, is to quote Star Trek. So I printed out quotes to use as party decor and displayed them in my husband's collection of Star Trek mugs.

I also used the mugs to hold our silverware and straws.

To test everyone's Classic Star Trek knowledge, I created two games. One game was a multiple choice "who said it". I used quotes from Spock, McCoy and Kirk and you had to figure out who said it. This was a great game for those without extensive knowledge of the show or movies. For the more die hard fans, I also put together a trivia game.

There was a sweet prize for both the loser and winner of the Trivia game!

This party was never intended to be a costume party because I wouldn't expect or ask anyone to go out and buy costumes they would only wear for a few hours. But, in my family of sci fi fans, I shouldn't have been surprised that my brothers couldn't pass up an opportunity to dress up!

Not wanting anyone to feel left out, I purchased Spock ears for those wanting to join in on the fun!

My mother-in-law was more than happy to join in and even drew on some Vulcan eyebrows to complete her look!

My husband totally enjoyed his day and we had a blast! And I think I know what costumes we will be rocking at Halloween this year!



  1. You are the cutest! Such a fun theme and looks like a blast.

  2. SO many great details- fab desserts & fun games!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is "taking things up a tad"?! Such FUN Star Trek details!


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