Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainbow Cake

There have been lots of really cute popular party themes lately, but one of my favorites is definitely the rainbow party. Kids really seem to love all the bright and cheerful rainbow colors and who could blame them? It definitely makes for a happy & fun party!

So when my friend Sheila told me she was throwing her youngest daughter a rainbow party, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to make this cake! It was so much fun and the kids definitely loved it.

The cake was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and cookies & cream filling. All the decorations are edible and made from marshmallow fondant.

It worked out perfectly that the birthday girl had exactly enough letters in her name to use each color of the rainbow.

And did I say it was a vanilla cake???

Well it was...with a small twist of course :)

Rainbow inside & out! 

Visit Sheila Sierra Photography for pictures from this cute Rainbow Party!


  1. Can this cake topper be ordered?

    1. Thanks for your interest, but I'm sorry I'm not shipping toppers at this time!

  2. How did you get your rainbow to keep that shape? Did you use wire or something to help or did you just press all the colors together (along with some sort of edible glue) and let it dry hard? Very cute!


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