Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{DIY} The Great Pumpkin Tree & Free Printable

I really love all the Halloween trees  I'm seeing on the party scene this year! When I put together our recent Halloween Play Date, I knew I wanted a tree for the kids. I originally saw a Pumpkin Treat Tree from Pottery Barn, which was the inspiration for mine! 

The Great Pumpkin Tree was super easy 
& inexpensive to make!!

You will need:
1 Plastic Pumpkin bucket 
mini pumpkin buckets
tree branch
black spray paint
candy corn
yarn or ribbon
printable tags (I'm giving you those)
scrapbook paper & stickers *optional
2" circle punch *optional

The first thing you will need to do is spray paint your tree branch black. I found one right in my front yard!! Although you will notice that I "rearranged" some of the branches to my liking, using some electrical tape!

I thought it would be cute to use candy corn as pumpkin seeds, since the fruit of a tree has the seeds inside! Fill your mini treat buckets with candy corn. I found these cute little buckets at the craft store!

Use yarn or ribbon to attach the Pumpkin Seeds tag (provided below) to each little pumpkin.

When your branch is dry, you are ready to put your tree together! You will need to weigh down the inside of your pumpkin in order to hold the branch in & support it. You can get pretty creative with what you want to use!

I used a bag of rice & a bag of leftover candy corn! But you can use pretty much anything you have lying around! Then I covered the opening with some black Halloween netting. 

Then hang your mini pumpkins onto the tree branch. Distribute them evenly in order to keep the tree balanced.

I also decided to make a "The Great Pumpkin" sign for the tree. I used scrapbook paper and stickers to create this simple sign.

Today I'm giving you the Pumpkin Seed printables to use to make your own tree! Just click on the title or on the bottom of the Scribd toolbar to download.

Hope you enjoy your Great Pumpkin Tree!

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  1. Okay, cutest play date ever! :) I LOVE that houndstooth printed pumpkin. Adorable! The tree is so fun. :) I'm visiting from Home Stories A to Z--hope you'll stop by my blog too. :)

  2. Ok this is too adorable and FUN! If I wasn't worn out from our Cowboy party this past weekend I would SO do this!

  3. Amanda & Sheri, thank you both so much for your sweet comments :)


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