Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{Halloween Guest Blogger} Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line!

I'm so excited to have the awesome Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line here today! Jenny is one talented lady  who throws fabulous parties (on a budget...which I love) and has lots of cute craft tutorials that she shares on her fun blog!!

I'm thrilled that Jenny is stopping by to share a super cute Halloween favor that you are sure to love! 

Hi, Jenny here from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line. I am so thrilled to be over here sharing a fun and easy Halloween favor with you. There's even a little candy surprise waiting inside. Last year we made crepe paper pumpkin favors, so this year we thought we would try spooky bats.

Materials needed:
black crepe paper
black scrapbook paper


1. Tuck one small piece of candy into crepe paper. Fold over and continue wrapping small candy pieces one at a time into the crepe paper, making a ball shape. Once you have reached the crepe paper ball size you like, tape the end.

2. To make bat wings, fold a piece of scrapbook paper in half, draw one side of wings and cut out. 

3. Glue bat wings to the crepe paper body of the bat.

4. Cut out two triangles from the scrapbook paper to make fangs and two more triangles to make ears. Cut out circles for eyes. Glue to bat. 

5. Give to a friend and watch them unwrap a spooky candy surprise!

Happy Halloween!

How cute is that??? Thank you Jenny for such a fun & easy Halloween favor! This would be a great treat for a Halloween party or for the kids to take to school to share with friends!!

If you aren't already a fan and follower of Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line, you can find Jenny here:


  1. This is so CuTe it's drivin' me BaTTy! So excited to see two our contributors teamin' up!

  2. love love love it!!!
    I just bought some crepe paper yesterday!!

  3. Aren't they so cute? Jenny did a great job!! And yes Do...I have so loved making friends with my fellow crew members!!

    Maria :)

  4. THAT ROCKS!!! I have some Crepe paper too. I bet my kiddos could make that for their classmates!! Great post!!


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