Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Five {Back to School}

Next week my sweet baby girl heads off to Kindergarten! I seriously cannot believe it is happening and now truly understand what they mean when they say "in the blink of an eye". I blinked and now my baby is leaving...

But luckily, there are all kinds of inspiring ideas out there to help make heading to school the memorable and fun event it should be! I'll still be crying thank you very much...but I'll still manage to make the first day special :)

Here's Five Fabulous Ideas to celebrate your child's first day of school!

I LOVE the idea of taking a picture of your child every year on the first day of school. But I love the idea of having a ready made sign for them to hold even more! You can find these cute ones at I {heart} Nap Time for every grade.

A first day photo is a fab idea most definitely, but how about capturing what's inside their little heads too? I love the idea of editing your photo to include your child's faves! This idea and photo is courtesy of Zoot.

I've seen many printable lunch box notes out there, but I really want to be able to share my own sentiments with my daughter. That's why I love these lunchbox notes from Picklebums. They are super cute, but leave room to write something more personal!

This next idea isn't actually a "First Day" idea, but still a great "Back to School" one! Since I'm am completely new to the whole school routine, I know I'm going to need some ideas to help keep us organized. And if it can be cute too, then I'm all for it! How adorable (yet practical) are these Dry Erase Clipboards found on Design Dazzle? 

Finally, you might want to start your relationship with the new teacher off on the right foot...say with something a little sweet? It can't hurt right? ;) Love this cute "Smart Cookie" idea from the girls at eighteen25. Head over there for the free printable to make your own!

Five Fabulous ideas to start your school year off right! I hope it's a great one for you and your kids and I hope all the 1st time mommies like myself have a box of tissues handy. 


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