Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Five {Beautiful Cakes}

I love cake! No...I really mean it...I LOVE cake! The subject sits at the forefront of my brain recipes to try, techniques to learn...and of course thinking about the next one I get to eat! While I enjoy decorating cakes, I am in awe of some of the amazing ARTISTS who create such unbelievable sugar works of art.

I'm not talking about cakes shaped like skyscrapers or that shoot fireworks or anything along those lines. Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot of talent to turn an edible medium like cake into a full fledged STRUCTURE. But what usually takes my breath away are the delicate things of pure beauty. Like these fabulous ones...

I find my tastes lately leaning towards the girly side and so I'm all about ruffles right now. These fondant ruffles have my heart especially going pitter-patter. 
The fondant is so unbelievably delicate that it almost looks like paper...incredible! This is from the amazing Maggie Austin Cake in Washington, DC.

Also from Maggie Austin Cake is this ombre style ruffle. I love the gradual color fading and am once again in awe of how delicate these ruffles are. 

I love so many things about this next cake...the color, the stencil, the flower...just perfection! The stencil is so flawless that it looks like lace. Courtesy of Cake Ink.

I love this gorgeous white rose covered cake. These incredible sugar flowers are the creation of the great cake icon Sylvia Weinstock and the photo is courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Amazing works of art can certainly be created out of fondant, but that doesn't mean that an all-buttercream cake can't be just as delicate and gorgeous. I love this flower covered cake for it's complete sense of romance. Courtesy of the very talented i am baker
Five fabulous, amazing, breathtaking cakes to start your weekend! I hope it's a cake-filled one ;)

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