Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kindergarten Rocks Party

My oldest baby just turned 5 and is heading to kindergarten in 2 weeks! I'm only slightly panicking at the thought of my little girl "out in the world"! I knew I wanted to have a special celebration to mark the occasion, but since her birthday party was only 2 weeks ago, I knew any celebration was going to LOW KEY! I also wanted to include my Goddaughter who turned 5 this summer and is heading to kindergarten as well.

So it was low key and small (just our 3 girls and 4 adults)...but that doesn't have to mean boring right??? 

A few months ago, I was looking for special kindergarten gifts when I found this super cute bottle cap necklace from Rosey Posey Bowtique.

I bought them for the girls and knew I was going to throw a Kindergarten Rocks celebration!

My budget was pretty much next to nothing since I had just thrown my girl her birthday party. I wanted to make it fun without breaking the bank...oh and I put it all together in a matter of days so I just came up with ideas on the fly as I went along!

One of my favorite budget decorating supplies to use is wrapping paper! I found these fun zebra print ones at Party City and used it for almost all of my decorations. At $4.00 for a large roll it was a great bargain (and I still have some of each left)!

Of course I had to make a Rock Star Cake for the girls. It was inspired by the ribbon that I found at Walmart (another bargain). The tulle skirt was a last minute idea I had. I found the roll of tulle at Walmart also and bought it not really knowing what I was going to do with it. Then while putting together the food stands, I got the idea for the skirt. You can find the tutorial for the cake stand on my post here.

Since the party was so small, I knew I wasn't going to have a big dessert table. But I couldn't resist the rock candy and I used some leftovers from the cake stand skirt and used it to decorate a drinking glass.

These fondant cookie toppers were made with leftover fondant from our birthday party. The cookies were Pillsbury to save time and because they are super easy! 

I made the treat stands by using the Dollar store trays that I purchased for the previous birthday party and then dressed them up with some of the wrapping paper. I covered the wrapping with clear contact paper to keep it from absorbing any oil from the cookies. I wrapped some cans of tomato sauce from the pantry in the wrapping paper also and then used glue dots to attach them together. Cheap, easy and cute!!!

Some empty coffee cans wrapped in paper and dressed up with some ribbon became our balloon holders for the centerpieces! 
I cut out a large piece of the wrapping paper and used it as table runner.

My daughter and Goddaughter were born 6 weeks apart and are best friends. We live about an hour and half apart, but we spend every holiday together and visit about once a month as well. I created a collage of pictures of the girls together from infants until now. That was undoubtedly their favorite part of the party (ok maybe a close second with eating cake & cookies) :)

All of the lettering was just printed out on the computer (I tried to use a "rock" type font) and then glued onto cardstock and wrapping paper!

My sister-in-law jazzed up the kids table with some fun party ware and microphones for our rock stars.

She also made them these cute shirts!

This little celebration was so fun to put together! I loved that it was very budget friendly, but still made our girls feel special. 

I know these girls are most definitely going to 
Rock Kindergarten!

I'm sharing this party...


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  2. Great ideas! I'm throwing a rock star party for my daughter's 5th birthday next week and will definitely be using some of those! I espeically like the wrapping paper idea! It took me 5 stores, but finally found some! LOL. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks Kyra! I'm so glad you found the wrapping paper! I didn't start off looking for it, it sort of found me LOL!!!

    1. where did u find the wrapping paper?

  4. where did u find the wrapping paper?


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