Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Puppy Party

My sweet girl turned 5 years old this past week! I had so much fun planning her birthday party with her and making the decorations and food. She chose puppies as her party theme because she loves everything & anything having to do with puppies! For the colors she asked for blue & pink and I added the polka dot pattern because I think they are just FUN!

I'm so excited to be able to share the party details with you! And I realized after the fact how long this post ended up being, so please bear with me as I couldn't help myself ;)

I purchased this cute printable invitation and attached it to scrapbook paper for some extra pizzazz.

I made a party wreath to greet our guests at the door. You can find my tutorial for this fun project on my Birthday Wreath post. 

The drink station...which included water, flavored water & pink lemonade.

The sweets & snacks table...

The circle banner on both tables were made by cutting out circles from cardstock, punching a hole in each end and stringing them together.

I used a purchased printable for the Happy Birthday Banner...

I made a photo collage which has a picture for each year of my daughter's life from birth to age five! You find my tutorial HERE.

Of course for me, the photo collage was my favorite part of the decoration. Can't believe how much my baby has grown!

The food & drinks close up...

It was an afternoon party so I kept the food to simple snacks. I made everything myself including the cake. You can see more photos of it on my cake post.

I used small gift bags for the popcorn bags and just lined with wax paper. And of course I renamed it "pup-corn" ;)

The puppy faces were sugar cookies with puppy fondant toppers that I made (tutorial coming soon). 

I had to include some "puppy chow" with a dog food scoop (a clean new one!!!). This stuff is super sweet & super addictive!

When I saw this recipe for Birthday Bark, I knew it had to make an appearance at our party. Another super easy recipe!

I dipped the "sticks" (aka pretzel rods) into white candy melts and sprinkled pink sugar on them!

The party activities...

The guests ranged in ages from 2 to 5 so I chose activities they would all enjoy. When they first arrived, they were directed to the kids table where they decorated a puppy.

I made a sample puppy to give them a guideline and then put out all the supplies in dog bowls. The sign was made from scrap pieces of foam board and scrapbook paper.

Even the littlest ones enjoyed coloring and pasting their puppy creation.

After they finished their craft, I painted their faces (some of the younger ones said "no way" LOL), gave them a pair of puppy ears (tutorial on my puppy ear post), and then snapped a picture of each child in the dog house. I made the dog house from a large box and wrapping paper (and a LOT of packing tape)!

Holly of Preppy Lane Boutique created this photo booth printable especially for my party (and she created all the puppy printables as well). I attached it some scrapbook paper, mounted it onto foam board and glued on a coordinating ribbon. So cute!

Here's the birthday girl striking a puppy pose!

We printed out the photos and attached them to frames I created out of cardstock and scrapbook paper. I placed each guest's photo into their goody bags.

After everyone's photo was taken, it was time to let the puppies DANCE. The music selection? "Who Let the Dogs Out" and Farmer Jason's "Puppy Dance". The kids really got into it!

We also played a game of "Pin the Paw on the Puppy", but I somehow managed to not get a single picture of that activity! But you can picture it...10 little girls, some spinning, some funny misplaced paws on a giant picture of a puppy ;)

Next up was the puppy adoption. 

I love these adorable puppies that I picked up from Dollar Tree.

Each puppy received a bag of doggy treats (which were Scooby Doo Graham Crackers) and given an adoption certificate to record their puppies name. The treat tags & certificates were a free download from Chickabug!

It was a great party that my daughter and her friends really seemed to enjoy. I loved seeing my little girl's face light up as she saw our plans come to life!

Of course as my littlest one watched all of the party excitement, she kept asking "When is MY birthday party Mommy?" Time to get to work!!!

The vendors/stores used:
Preppy Lane Boutique: puppy printables (drink circles, food tents, birthday banner, photo booth sign)
Sugar Diva: Polka dot balloons & straws
Dollar Tree: paper plates, napkins, serving trays, stuffed puppies, misc supplies
Target: dog bowls, drink buckets
Chickabug: Adoption certificates & party circles for goody bags & photo frames
Mimi Marie Design: Invitation
Cake, sweets & decorations: Love & Sugar Kisses (aka Mommy)

I'm sharing this party...


  1. What a sweet theme for a sweet girl! She sure loved her party! Great Job!

  2. Maria - This is adorable - I just adore the wreath and the cake - goodness - fabulous job!

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know you were selected as the winner of the shindig party pack - check out the giveaway page {right sidebar of my blog} Send me an email when you get a chance to claim your prize - Sorry for posting here - I couldn't find an email to contact you.
    Thanks -Stephanie Lynn

  3. Thank you both for your sweet comments!

    @Stephanie excited to learn I won...thank you!!!

  4. Great job!! LOL love the music selection for the party :)

    Love the theme for your little girl :) I love the photo booth idea too.. I think I am going to borrow that as well :D

    Great party!!! Bark Bark!

  5. Thank you so much Mary Beth! I really wanted to squeeze in making the dog collars & leashes you made, but I just ran out of steam LOL! I can't wait to see your party :)


  6. you did an amazing job! Love the photo booth idea and of course the cake and cookies are perfection!

  7. Wanted to know if you are interested in guest posting at Nothing But Country. :) If you are please email me at :)

  8. Mary Beth...thank you so much for the invitation! I can't wait to share my fun post this Monday over at your place :)


  9. I love this party! I'm planning a puppy party for my daughter's first birthday, and I'm wondering about your puppy chow. What is it? Thanks a lot!

  10. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much! The puppy chow is a cereal mix covered in peanut butter, chocolate & powdered sugar. Here is the recipe I used:

    Thanks for stopping by :)


  11. Love all of the details!!! Those cute pink dog bowls are precious and I bought one for my dog, haha. I also love the photo op. So cute and I think this party is woof-derful!!!
    following you now

  12. What a fabulous party! Can't wait for next year's (and what are you going to do for her 18th, eh????!!!). Well done, it looked like so much fun, and the little puppies all looked like they thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Hugs from Down Under

  13. @La-Dee-da thank you so much! I wish my dog wasn't sure a beast or else I would let her use the cute little bowls too...LOL! I'm your newest follower now too :)

    @Banaghaisge thank you so much! The kids had a blast and at the rate things are going I should probably start planning her 18th NOW ;)

  14. This is such a cute party! I was wondering if you would tell me where you got that pink polkadot paper and the polkadot bags? I would love knowing for my nieces party. Thanks!

    1. Kate...hopefully you got my email, but if you didn't, I got the bags at Hobby Lobby and the wrapping paper at Party City! Thanks so much!

  15. This is perfect! My daughter (turning 7 1/2) has requested a puppies and pink birthday party! I love every part of your party...time to get to work!

    1. Thank you so much! Good luck on your party! I would loved to see some can email them to me

  16. Is there a tutorial for the puppy faces cookies? Thanks!

    1. I'm sorry Heidi I haven't had a chance to do a tutorial. But They are super easy...just used a circle cutter for the face, smaller one of the eyes & nose and a leaf cutter for the ears. Attached it all together with a little water on a clean (unused) paint brush!

  17. Hi! Just curious where you got the puppy cut out for them to decorate??? Too cute!

    1. Hi Harmony! I found them last year on clearance at Michael's. They carry different shapes that you can decorate...not sure if they still have the puppies though.

  18. So cute!! I am starting to plan my daughters 6th birthday party in April. I am going to use some of your ideas. Love the photo op, wreath, treats and absolutely Love he collage!! Your colors are perfect together and are also my daughters favorites. Thanks for posting and congrats on a beautiful party :)

  19. I just wanted to say what a great idea this is!! My daughter will be turning 6 and she wanted a puppy party, so after doing a bit of 'digging', I came across yours and I thought it was perfect! I'm going to have a dog house and some similar treats, but how did you ever make that beautiful cake??

  20. I love the dog cookies. They grow up so fast.


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